“Living a life you value - on your terms.”

Concerned about where the world is headed right now?

Do you feel free right now?

Can you pursue your own happiness — your potential, your dreams, your own way — without some idiotic bureaucrat, an infuriating new ‘pandemic’ rule, or the Thought Police ordering you back into your corner?

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

You can take back your liberty. You can increase your prosperity. You can protect your savings.

The desire to feel free is embedded in each of us: That’s why we call this community Sovereign Man.

Our solutions make sense no matter what:

Let’s pretend that tomorrow morning we all wake up to Shangri-La. There are no more socio-economic problems. No more threat of global conflict. Society is at peace everywhere around you. Everybody gets along.

These solutions still work.

You’re never going to be worse off for having a second passport.

If the lockdowns and civil unrest start taking over your country, then you and your family can LEAVE and go to another, more free country…

And if they don’t, then you have another place where you can live, work, and invest.

You’re never going to be worse off for diversifying where your investments are held.

If your government — or a frivolous creditor — starts making a grab for your retirement savings, your money becomes much harder to reach.

And if that never happens, you’re still able to invest internationally, not just in companies in your home country.

You’re never going to be worse off for buying something for less than cost.
“To hell with circumstances: I create opportunities.”
-Bruce Lee

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Proteggi il presente. Costruisci il futuro

In un mondo dove la libertà di movimento, di parola e di azione viene a mancare, il primo istinto sarebbe quello di chiudersi. Di avere paura. Ma questo ci rende meno forti, meno capaci. Quando invece metti al sicuro quello che hai ti liberi la mente e le mani per costruire ancora un futuro meraviglioso.

Vivi nell'ansia preparandoti, chiudi gli occhi ingenuo oppure tiri avanti e speri. E se ci fosse un'altra opzione?

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